Hello everyone,

Another month has gone by and we are already halfway through this year’s Heerschau.

Again we have received a flood of impressive results from you.

2 organisational changes we would like to introduce as a result of the chaos of overlooking entries from February.


Heerschau e-mail address:

Firstly, from now on we have created an extra email address for the Heerschau. If you send us your contributions by e-mail, please send them to:


Monthly winners:

Secondly, the monthly winners of a Stronghold Collectibles miniature will receive a voucher code for €6.90, which also includes free shipping. The voucher code is only applicable to our SAGA, DMH and M&T Collectibles shop categories, but of course you are welcome to add additional purchases.

The 3 randomly drawn winners for March are:

  • Christian Gelszus
  • Michael Laufkötter
  • Gunnar

You should receive a mail or FaceBook messagefrom us with the voucher code today.


And now finally to your entries:

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